The Millions from Deli: The booklet that exposed slavery

The romance of tobacco plantation at Bandar Klippa of the Deli Company.
Corporal punishment at Bindjey plantation. The punishment took place under the watchful eye of a Inspector (JG Schot) and a Prospective Inspector. TM-60007721
And advertisement in Deli Courant 1890. Wanted for Runaway.
House of planters in a tobacco plantation.
Coolies recruitment for plantations in Deli, Deli Courant 1902.
  • A makeshift place was made a “hospital” in a plantation where the sick were locked away
  • Workers were traded as animals, an advertisement wrote “He delivers them to you at the lowest prices! Buy now, buy! Behold, they are all good”
  • Dead workers were not properly buried, bones of the dead can be found in different places in the field.
  • Ringgit is understood to mean a rijksdaalder on Java and a Mexican dollar on the east coast. The latter has a lower price than the former and the recruited Javanese unaware of this difference. When he got his month’s wages of six ringgits, he was expecting ƒ15, but discovered that he only received f7.
  • De practijk der koelie-ordonnantie (1904)
  • Slavenordonnantie en koelieordonnantie gevolgd door een ontwerp-arbeidswet (1905)
  • De arbeidsinspectie in de residentie oostkust van Sumatra (1907)



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Budiman BM

Budiman BM

Soil Scientist, interest in Colonial history.