Boven Digoel is in a remote location in the middle of Papua jungle used by the Dutch to settle exiled prisoners. It is hundreds of km upstream of the Digul river, in the middle of remote jungles, hot and humid, and malaria-infested.

Communists, nationalists, dissidents who took part in anti-colonial…

The Dutch colonial has an effective administration system. They like to collect data, and statistics of demography, tax, income, etc. are well documented.

In the era of manual data compilation and graphics, without Excel and Powerpoint, these are the early excel of data visualisation.

Here are some nice graphs from…

On August 31, 1927, hundreds of people had been flocking to the grounds since the afternoon. By six o’clock, a dense crowd was waiting in front of the gate waiting for the opening of Pasar Malam, which coincided with the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmina’s birthday. The mayor, the sultan of Deli…

The harsh reality described in obscure booklets and pamphlets, and unpublished documents such as the Rhemrev Report, was for years simply denied, ridiculed in the second room, and avoided in historiography as not spoken of in civilized society. And this polarization actually still exists.

Budiman BM

Soil Scientist, interest in Colonial history.

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